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Limo Hire Bath caters to both large and small groups, no matter how big your party is you will have space to enjoy yourself in the Go Stretch vehicles. Our cars have between eight and 16 seats typically and there is plenty of room to stretch out.
We have a range of cars such as the exotic stretch Chrysler 300, the Hummer H12 and various exciting sports utility vehicles. You can even rent out the ridiculously flash and expensive Rolls Royce Phantom car and live life like a premiership footballer for the day. The long list of kind testimonials to Go Stretch shows not only how long we have been in the business for but how pleased customers are with the service they get. Some people say that the trip in the limo was better than the event they were going to. Many customers say that the look on the children's faces when a limo turned up to take them to their birthday party or prom was just unbelievable. Almost all of the letters praise our drivers particularly for putting up with exuberant behaviour and being friendly, professional and helpful at all times. Every letter says that the grateful clients would never use another limo service in the area apart from Go Stretch.

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What better way than to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Britain than with low cost Limos Bath? Bath is a historic Roman city with some of the best property and highest real estate prices in the country. As well as the old Roman buildings there is some impressive Georgian architecture. If you look at Bath from one of the hills that surround it you will see that the buildings have been constructed in crescent rings and it is a wondrous sight to behold. The most famous of these is the Royal Crescent which is made up of stately Georgian homes.
Having been occupied by the Roman who harnessed the power of nearby hot springs to create soothing baths, there is much to see and do here which is why Bath has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. You can use your limo to make the 100 kilometres journey east from Bath to London and back again while the nearest international airport is Bristol where we can also meet you and show you to your vehicle. Alternatively you can fly to Cardiff airport, collect limos Cardiff, and make the short journey to Bath with a chauffeur driver.
Our limos Bath clients are often using the stretches to go to the many events that are put on in Bath such as theatre nights and various cultural events. Bath has not lost the relaxed feeling which made it one of the United Kingdom's most popular spa resorts and that is why more and more people are choosing to hold events such as weddings, stag and hen nights and proms there. Limos Bath is the ideal way to get to and from all of these events.


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