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Limo Hire Chepstow can come with everything you need to have a mobile party including great music, disco lights, a fully equipped bar and a reliable and personable chauffeur. When you choose limo hire Chepstow we assign you drivers whose first thought is to get you safely to your destination and help with any problems along the way. Limo hire Chepstow solves many of the problems that groups have something to celebrate encounter. Our stretched vehicles mean you can take up to 16 people to the event, whether it is a wedding, a hen or stag night, a prom or some other kind of special event. That means you don't have to fork out lots of money for multiple taxis or cars, or rely on public transport such as the train to get where you are going. Limo hire Chepstow has the massive benefit of meaning that you can drink and not have to worry about driving.
Our satisfaction rates are 100%; if you don't believe us just have a look at the list of testimonials on our website. A lot of web companies make up fake reviews but with years of experience in the business and many happy clients who want to keep seeing us do well we have no need to.

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Limos Chepstow is a good way to see this market town in the Welsh county of Monmouthshire. In Medieval times Chepstow used to be the largest port in Wales. The most notable sights of Chepstow are its castle which is the oldest stone castle in the United Kingdom, and the Chepstow racecourse which is a great place to spend a day out. After the Norman invasion of England in the 11th century the Normans identified Chepstow as the perfect strategic location to build a castle. The place is resplendent with history and well worth a visit if you are going to Chepstow as a tourist. Chepstow racecourse is full of thoroughbred animals and dignified race goers so having a luxurious car like the Rolls Royce Phantom is the perfect way to make a good impression for the day. The perfect time to go is for the Welsh Grand national horse racing event. Having limos Chepstow allows you to relax and enjoy your day out without having to worry about how to get back.
From Chepstow you can make the 120 or so mile drive east to London or drive sixteen miles east to Newport. Alternatively, affordable and excellent limos Newport are also available in that town and there is a wide selection of vehicles to choose from. One of the most beautiful sights in Chepstow is the 19th century bridge which stretches elegantly across the River Wye. What better way to see it than stretched out in one of our classy limos? Chepstow has hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars all within walking distance of 1,000 parking spaces and so is very convenient to visit. There are also many spectacular wild areas around Chepstow which include the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley area.

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